How to Design Asthma-friendly Home Interior in Malaysia 2022

How to Design Asthma-friendly Home Interior in Malaysia 2022

Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease affecting various age groups in Malaysia. Asthma syndrome is characterized by difficulty breathing, chest tightness, wheezing, and cough. Most people occur this condition during childhood, which could prolong their life. However, asthma can also develop at any stage in life, including adulthood. It is estimated that the percentage of Malaysians suffering from asthma is approximately 4.2%. 

Dust mites are microscopic bugs in your sofa, carpet, mattress, and pillowcase. It is one of the common causes that can trigger your asthma attack. 

How to design an Asthma-friendly home

Use allergen-proof covers

To minimize the frequency of asthma attacks, you're highly recommended to use allergen-proof mattress and pillowcase covers. The primary function of allergen-proof bodies is to create barriers and minimize the direct interaction between you and dust mites. 

Reduce dust mites

Aside from using allergen-proof covers on your mattress and pillowcase, it is highly encouraged to regularly wash your bed sheets, pillowcase covers, quilts, and comforters. 

Suitable furniture

Dust mites are found mainly in fabric sofas, mattresses, carpets, and pillowcases; hence the best material to opt for are leather and solid wood. 

10 Furniture to Create Asthma-friendly Living Room

1. Mandy Home Inspired Style L Shape Sofa 

  NOTTI NTSF383 Mandy Home Inspired Style PU Leather Pillow Shaped Cushion Corner L Shape Sofa

The leather material is high-resistant to spilled drinks, food, and dirt. Unlike fabric, leather is easy to maintain by wiping the surface using a damp cloth. The sofa has a high-quality meranti wood base, high-density soft foam, and a PU leather cushion. Its spacious seating space can accommodate more than three people simultaneously. Suitable for those who always emphasize comfort and sustainability.  

Product Specification:

Product Feature: pillow-shaped cushion | Material: Meranti wood base, high-density sofa foam, and PU leather cushion | Dimension: W2590 x D914/1830 x SH440/H915 mm | Color: Black and brown

Reasons to Buy:

  Spacious seating space
  High-density sofa foam and comfortable cushion
  High-quality material

2. Retro Style TV Cabinet Solid Oak in Walnut

Tekkashop FDTV4640W Retro Style TV Cabinet with Oak Veneer MDF and Solid Oak Legs 

This retro-style TV cabinet features with gunmetal grey lacquered drawer and two inner compartments to store your items. The cabinet is made of high-quality MDF with an Oak veneer frame and solid oak leg, which is very durable and sturdy. All of the compartments are well covered. Hence you can keep your entertainment appliances without worrying that they will be covered with dirt. 

Product Specification:

Product Function: TV cabinet with drawer | Material: MDF with Oak veneer (Frame), Solid Oak (Leg) | Dimension: W2000 x D420 x H 500 mm | Color: Walnut

Reasons to Buy:

  Closed compartments
  Modern design

3. Modern Retro Style 1-Seater Leather Sofa in Black

  Tekkashop FDSF0975BL Modern Style 1 Seater PU Leather Sofa with Sturdy Malaysian Oak Frame and Leg in Black

This modern retro 1-seater leather sofa in black features a compact size that will suit well to incorporate in any room in your living hall. The armchair comprises high-quality materials – Malaysia oak, MDF, and Plywood. Its compact and sturdy design is suitable to use for any age range. The combination of leather and wood made this chair an excellent choice to integrate into your asthma-friendly living room. 

Product Specification:

Product Function: 1-seater sofa | Material: (Inner) Malaysian Oak + MDF + Plywood, (Leg) Malaysian Oak, PU Leather | Dimension: W645 x D800 x H785/430 mm | Color: Black

Reasons to Buy:

  Affordable price
  High-quality material
  Compact and sturdy design

4. Industrial Style TV Cabinet in Walnut

Tekkashop FDTV1007WT Industrial Style TV Cabinet with Laminated Board and Metal Legs in Walnut 

This industrial-style TV cabinet features multiple compartments to store your entertainment appliances, such as remote controls, modem, game console, and video player. It is constructed of a laminated board frame and matte black epoxy leg. The surface is easy to maintain by wiping it once in a while. 

Product Specification:

Product Function: TV cabinet with multiple compartments | Material: Laminated Board (Frame), Matt Black Epoxy (Leg) | Dimension: W1800 x D500 x H 500 mm | Color: Walnut | Drawer Mechanism: Slider

Reasons to Buy:

  Affordable price
  Modern style

5. Plush Style PU Leather Recliner Sofa

Tekkashop FDSF1665BR Plush Style Premium Grade PU Leather One Seater Recliner Sofa 

If you're searching for a sofa to elevate the value of your living room and a better relaxing environment, this Plus Style Recliner Sofa is the perfect option. This furniture is an excellent choice for the ultimate comfort of long hours of sitting. The seat cushion is made of premium high-density foam upholstered with PU material that can create maximum comfort when used. Most importantly, it has a recline mechanism that allows you to adjust the sofa contour until satisfied. 

Product Specification:

Product Function: Plush style 1-seater recliner sofa | Material: High density foam in PU material with 2 1/2″ plastic legs | Dimension: W90x D76 x H104cm | Color: Brown

Reasons to Buy:

  Semi-auto recliner mechanism 
  High-density sofa foam
  Super comfy 

6. Luxury Style Pullout Drawer in Dark Grey

  Tekkashop FDCT1250DGY Industrial Style Laminated Board Coffee Table with 6 Pullout Drawer in Dark Grey

The combination of this console cabinet's matte dark grey and metal gold legs can help elevate your space interior. The cabinet features six pullout drawers to keep your belongings intact. Its frame is made of laminated board, while its legs are made of metal, which makes it very sturdy and durable. 

Product Specification:

Product Function: Coffee Table with 6 Pull-Out Drawers | Material: Laminated Board (Frame), Metal (Leg) | Dimension: W1200 x D400 x H745 mm | Color: Dark Grey

Reasons to Buy:

  Affordable price
  High-quality material
  Premium design

7. Bulky Single-Seater Leather Recliner Sofa 

  Tekkashop GDSS1760 Bulky Type XL Single Seater Leather Sofa Recliner Armchair Lounge Chair

This bulky single-seater recliner sofa is an excellent option for those who crave comfort. The product is made of high-quality PU leather cushion and a robust metal mechanism that can ensure extended usage periods. Sturdy ergonomic seating, adjustable leg rest, and backrest let you feel the most comfortable support to rest your body. The leg region allows you to lift your leg and relax leg muscles and is generously padded with high resilience cushion. 

Product Specification:

Product Function: Single seater recliner sofa | Material: PU leather | Dimension: W90cm x D85cm x H100cm | Color: Beige / Black / Light Brown / Red / Dark Brown 

Reasons to Buy:

  Thickly padded seat
  Sturdy and ergonomic seating
  Adjustable leg rest and backrest

8. Traditional Styled Solid Wood Bench With Storage in Dark Chestnut

  Tekkashop FDSB916DC Traditional Styled Storage Bench With Malaysian Oak Legs Made from Solid Wood In Dark Chestnut

This traditional design of a solid wood bench is an excellent option for those who like to incorporate classic style into the interior. The bench is equipped with a storage compartment located under the seat. It is durable, spacious, and can withstand weights up to 200 kg. The bench is constructed of high-quality solid wood and Malaysia Oak. 

Product Specification:

Product Feature: Durable, spacious, able to withstand heavy weights | Material: Solid wood, Malaysian Oak | Dimension: W1170 x D530 x H760 mm | Color: Dark Chestnut

Reasons to Buy:

  Affordable price
  High-quality solid wood
  Able to withstand heavy weights

9. Contemporary 3-Seater Sofa in Black

Tekkashop FDSF2333BL Contemporary Linen Fabric 3-Seater Sofa with Sturdy Solid wood Legs in Black 

Another furniture option to create an asthma-friendly living room is this contemporary 3-seater style sofa. The sofa is suitable to incorporate into any modern and classic interior design concept. Its design is very compact and easy to maintain. 

Product Specification:

Product Function: Contemporary sofa bed | Material: Imported linen fabric | Dimension: W 830 x D 1920 x H 800 mm | Color: Black color leg, Espresso color Vinyl body 

Reasons to Buy:

  Sturdy solid wood
  Thickly padded cushion

10. Leather Designer Lounge Chair in Hazelnut Brown 

  FDLC4950BR Leather Designer Lounge Chair Single Seater in Hazelnut Brown

If you don't like to incorporate a bulky sofa, this leather designer lounge chair is an excellent choice. The lounge chair features high-density foam that provides incredible comfort and can last extended usage periods with proper care. This chair is constructed with a metal legs frame with quality leather upholstery.

Product Specification:

Product Feature: High-density foam, Black powder coated metal leg frame | Material: Leather, metal leg frame | Dimension: W70 x D81 x H74cm | Color: Black

Reasons to Buy:

  Luxury design
  High-density sofa foam
  Sturdy material

Choosing the perfect sofa that suits your taste, preference, and needs is difficult. Many criteria must be considered before deciding on your purchase, such as choosing sofa material, size, and design. Going through meticulously when picking out a sofa can help prevent future regrets. Therefore, here we come to the rescue! Please look at our sofa collection to get a wide range of modern and classic designs. 

While discovering and researching the perfect one, look at the 10 Best Sofa Styles Perfect for your Home in Malaysia 2022

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