10 Best Cloud Couch Designs for Ultimate Relaxation and Aesthetics in Malaysia 2022

10 Best Cloud Couch Designs for Ultimate Relaxation and Aesthetics in Malaysia 2022

A cloud sofa is recognized for its pillowy, plush cushions, low back, and broad arms that make you submerge into its coziness. If you're familiar with TikTok, you probably ever encounter a few famous celebrities - Kendal and Kylie Jenner or any home interior gurus obsessing over this couch. 

Getting a cloud couch will tick another box in realizing your Pinterest home if you're fond of modern and aesthetic interior design and furniture. Read through this article as we will introduce the 10 Best Cloud Couch Designs in Malaysia 2022. 

 1. NOTTI NTSF13 Modern Minimalist Neat Style Sofa

Modern Minimalist Neat Style Linen Fabric 2+3 Seater Sofa in White Malaysia 

This modern minimalist neat style 2+3 seater sofa features a slim metal leg 3 inches in height. The sofa is made of a high-quality Meranti wood base, high-density sofa foam, and wool linen fabric cushion. The couch gives out clean lines and a sophisticated look to the overall interior of the space. Its plush cushions provide the ultimate comfort seating experience, especially after a long and tiring day at work. 

Product Specification:

  • Product feature: slim metal leg with 3 inches in height
  • Product material: Meranti wood base, high-density sofa foam, and wool linen fabric cushion
  • Product dimension: 
  • 2-Seater: W1626 x D876 x SH440/H774 mm
  • 3-Seater: W2108 x D876 x SH440/H774 mm

2. NOTTI NTSF939 Momo Scandinavian Plain Style Sofa

Momo Scandinavian Plain Style 2.5 Seater Linen Fabric Sofa in Grey Malaysia 

This Scandinavian style 2.5-seater sofa features a unique and plain shape design. Suitable for those who are fond of minimalist furniture and decluttering space. It is made of meranti wood base, high-density foam, and linen fabric cushion. 

Product Specification:

  • Product feature: plain shape design
  • Product material: meranti wood base, high-density sofa foam, and linen fabric cushion
  • Product dimension: W2150 x D914 x SH440/890 mm

3. Tekkashop FDLC3040 High-Density Foam Lounge Sofa 

  High Density Foam Lounge Sofa with Substantial Solid Rubberwood Frame in Sand Brown Malaysia

This lounge sofa is the perfect option for people who crave an eccentric yet cozy couch to lay on. The sofa is concentrated with high-density foam for extended-lasting usage and is suitable for personal and commercial use. The armrests and chaise section will give you ultimate comfort while sitting on the sofa. An extra point for this furniture is that it is made of local environmentally friendly solid oat wood with top-notch export quality. 

Product Specification:

  • Product style: Scandinavian
  • Product material: Oak Leg and High-Density foam
  • Product color: Pickle/Paloma/Sand 
  • Product chair size: L96 x W101 x H77 CM 

4. Tekkashop LDSF0449W Elegant Contemporary Style Comfortable Sofa with Stool

  Elegant Contemporary Style Comfortable Sofa with Stool in White Malaysia

This contemporary-style lounge sofa features a backrest with a footstool to provide extra comfort. The couch gives a simple yet elegant appearance to incorporate into your living room. With its unique design, the couch can be the focal point and lighten up the overall space. The sofa is constructed with solid wood legs and high-quality fabric to ensure a longer lifespan. 

Product Specification:

  • Product style: Elegant Contemporary sofa with stool
  • Product material: Solid Wood Legs, Fabric
  • Product color: White

5. Tekkashop FDSF4984MB Veloutine Fabric Sofa in Midnight Blue

Modern Style Veloutine Fabric Seat and Gold Plated Legs 2 Seater Sofa in Midnight Blue Malaysia 

Another anomalous cloud sofa to opt-in for making your space appear aesthetic and elegant is this Veloutine fabric sofa in fascinating midnight blue color. This couch's presence seamlessly fits any modern interior design concept– minimalist, Scandinavian, and modern contemporary. Its seat is made of Veloutine fabric, recognized for its elegance, while its leg is made of gold plated to ensure its durability and sturdiness. 

Product Specification:

  • Product material: (Leg) Gold Plated, (Seat) Veloutine Fabric
  • Product dimension: W1380 x D785 x H700/470 mm
  • Product color: Midnight Blue

6. Tekkashop FDSF2975FP Modern Style 1-Seater Sofa in Flamingo Pink

Modern Style Velvet Fabric 1-Seater Sofa with Metal Legs in Flamingo Pink Malaysia 

If you don't like to incorporate a bulky sofa, this modern-style single-seater sofa is the perfect option! The couch will seamlessly suit well at any place in your home. Its glamorous design and fascinating color can potentially be the space's centerpiece. It has a plush backrest cushion to provide ultimate comfort for extended seating. 

Product Specification: 

  • Product material: Fabric Cushion, Solid Wood Frame
  • Product dimension: H900 x W700 x D720 mm
  • Product color: Flamingo Pink

7. Camerich Clouds Sofa

Camerich Cloud Sofa in Grey Malaysia 

This corner-blocked sofa features plump cushions for extra comfort. Suitable to integrate into ample space and can accommodate more than five people simultaneously. The corner blocked a solid birch frame with metal reinforcements and blackened steel. 

Product Specification:

  • Product feature: Corner-blocked solid birch frame with metal reinforcements
  • Inset blackened steel frame
  • Product material: Available in fabric (removable covers) or leather
  • Feather down back cushions
  • High resilient foam with feather-down layered seat cushions

8. Stanzo Collection Cloud Sofa

  Stanzo Cloud Leather Sofa in Dark Brown Malaysia

Stanzo collection of cloud sofas offers many compositions, each adapted to any space. The couch is defined by simple primary lines of a slightly lower armchair and an elevated armrest. Support from the cold foam reinforces its entire volume, while the superficial layer of feather filling provides extra softness to the Cloud and a feeling of being 'like in the clouds. Cloud is ideal for furnishing larger spaces.

Product Specification:

  • Product material: Leather
  • Product color: Dark brown (customize-able)
  • Product dimensions: Customize-able with the needs of usage

9. Noir Cloud Sofa

  Noir Cloud Sofa in Soft Grey Malaysia

The Noir cloud sofa features low flat plains with plush cushions as a soft and inviting layer of clouds. The slim armrests and feather cushions make it ideal for those who prefer to incorporate clean lines and non-bulky furniture. 

Product Specification:

  • Product materials: Upholstery / Leather / High Density Foam / Down / Metal Legs
  • Product colors: Light Grey Upholstery/ Dark Grey Upholstery/ Tan Leather/ Black Leather
  • Product dimensions: 2100x900xH780mm

10. Couch Designs Amedee

  Couch Designs Amedee Cloud Sofa in Green Malaysia

Couch Designs offers comfortable yet stylish furniture to set the room's tone and adds character for those who seek the finer things in life. Each couch is designed with a unique combination of distinctive technology to give a cloud-like seating experience. 

Choosing the perfect sofa that suits your taste, preference, and needs is undoubtedly not an easy task. Many criteria must be considered before deciding on your purchase, such as choosing sofa material, size, and design. Going through meticulous when picking out a sofa can help prevent future regrets. Therefore, here we come to the rescue! Please take a look at our sofas collection to get a wide range of modern and classic designs. 

While discovering and researching the perfect one, look at the 10 Best Sofa Styles Perfect for your Home in Malaysia 2022

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