Top 10 Sofa Furniture Suppliers in Kelantan 2023

Top 10 Sofa Furniture Suppliers in Kelantan 2023

Finding the right sofa can transform your living space into a haven of comfort and style. In 2023, Malaysia boasts a range of suppliers offering sofas that combine aesthetics, comfort, and durability.

Whether you're in Kelantan or anywhere across the nation, these top 10 suppliers are your go-to for the best in sofa furnishings.

1. Tekkashop Sofa Furniture Kelantan

sofa furnitures tekkashop kelantan

Tekkashop is more than just a supplier—it's an experience. It offers sofas that strike the ideal mix between comfort, quality, and environmental friendliness, making sure that each item is as considerate of the environment as it is of your house.

  • Service area: Throughout all the states in Malaysia and most Asian countries
  • Contact: +603-78903019 or WhatsApp Here

2. Lorenzo

DALL·E 2023-11-21 15.06.09 - An Italian style sofa that showcases luxurious design with premium materials. The sofa has a classic silhouette with deep button-tufting, scrolled arm

When it comes to Italian luxury, Lorenzo stands unmatched. Their sofas are a marriage of high-end materials and Italian design finesse, bringing European elegance right into your living room.

3. Fella Design

Untitled design - 2023-11-21T150928.322

Imagine a sofa that is as unique as you. Fella Design's customizable sofas allow you to be the designer of your own comfort with an extensive palette of fabrics and hues.

  • Service area: Throughout all the states in Malaysia
  • Contact: +603-78465433

4. Joy Design Studio

sofa couch

For the minimalists at heart, Joy Design Studio offers sleek, durable sofas that don't skimp on comfort, reflecting the true spirit of modern craftsmanship.

  • Service area: Throughout all the states of Malaysia
  • Contact: +603-77321477 or +6011-65451477 (WhatsApp)

5. Nottisofa Furniture Kelantan

nottisofa l shaped sofa

Nottisofa offers a range of stylish sofas, from the Kelly Free Style Modular to the Insta Flower Inspired pieces, showcasing quality materials and sustainable craftsmanship.

6. SSF

sofa sofa

SSF's sofas are where function meets form. They offer a plethora of stylish options that elevate your living space, ensuring a blend of beauty and practicality.

  • Service areaThroughout all of the states in Malaysia
  • Contact: +603-86053643 or +603-61402020

7. Casarano

white sofa

Casarano is the epitome of classic meets contemporary. Their sofas are crafted with a keen eye for detail, resulting in pieces that exude quality and timeless appeal.

  • Service area: Throughout all the states in Malaysia
  • Contact: +6012-4057893

8. Ideal Home Furniture

sofa at home

Understanding that the perfect sofa is key to a happy home, Ideal Home Furniture offers designs for all tastes, backed by customer service that truly cares.

  • Service area: Throughout all the states in Malaysia
  • Contact: +6017-2335234

9. MF Design

elegant sofa

MF Design believes that style shouldn't be a privilege. Their mission is to provide quality sofas at prices that allow everyone to enjoy a touch of elegance.

  • Service area: Throughout Malaysia and Worldwide
  • Contact: +6018-2011768 or +6018-9821768

10. Linds Furniture

blue sofa

Linds Furniture's sofa collection is a tapestry of styles, offering modern to vintage designs that ensure you find the sofa to match your aesthetic cravings.

  • Service area: Throughout all the states of Malaysia 
  • Contact: +603-20946055 
Discover A Variety of Sofas with Nottisofa's Exquisite Collection!
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