Top 10 Modern Sofa Bed in Malaysia 2022

Top 10 Modern Sofa Bed in Malaysia 2022

The sofa bed is one of the most popular options for multi-purpose furniture that saves space and makes life simpler at home, especially if you live in a small apartment. A sofa bed is just a couch that can be transformed into a bed. Couch beds may also be used as extra mattresses when you have visitors. You can sometimes doze off on your sofa-bed!

We've compiled a list of the Top 10 Modern Sofa Bed in Malaysia 2022, with high-quality options to suit your needs.

1. NOTTI NTSF925 Linen Fabric Day Bed Resting Sofa


This is Scandinavian style Day Bed Resting Sofa. It features small corner backrest and plain looking design. It is made with meranti wood base, high density sofa foam and linen fabric cushion.

Product Specification

  • Product material: Meranti Wood Base, High Density Sofa Foam, Linen Fabric Cushion
  • Product Colour: Can Be Customized According to Your Needs

2. Tekkashop GSFB07 Multi-functional Convertible Extendable Fabric Sofa Bed with Flip-up Storage and Portable Stool


Sofa Bed is a fun and funky 'sofa' to have around in your home and office. You can transform it into bed when you needed it for your tiring guest. This Sofa Bed is perfect for a calm lounging about just when you need relaxation or have an extra seating sofa in the office.

Product Specification

  • Product material: Fabric, Solid Wood Frame
  • Product Colour: Grey

3. Tekkashop MXSB2456GY Modern Fabric Sofa Bed With 2 USB Port


This is a modern sofa bed. The sofa is made from fabric which makes it comfortable. This is perfect to save space in your room or for guests to stay over as the bottom layer of the sofa can be pulled out to make a bed. It also has 2 USB ports to use to charge your phone.

Product Specification

  • Product material: Fabric
  • Product Colour: Grey

4. IKEA FRIHETEN Corner Sofa Bed with Storage


When the back cushions and underframe are removed, this couch swiftly and effortlessly turns into a big bed. There is storage room beneath the chaise longue. The lid remains open, allowing you to carry items in and out safely and effortlessly.

Product Specification

  • Product material: Solid wood, 100% Polyester Fabric
  • Product Colour: Skiftebo Dark Grey, Bomstad Black, Hyllie Beige, Hyllie Dark Grey, Skiftebo Blue

5. RUMA HOME Fluffy Sofa Bed


A modern and simple couch that works well as an occasional guest bed in smaller spaces. It has a sprung foam seat and back, making it ideal for a comfortable medium-firm sit or a restful night's sleep. It comes in two colours: blue and grey.

Product Specification

  • Product material:Laminated Metal Legs, Polyester Fabric
  • Product Colour:Grey, Blue

6. Lorenzo Sofa Bed


The beautiful imported velvet upholstery of the Lorenzo sofa bed adds a touch of sophistication to any environment. This type of material is also durable and water-resistant, so you won't have to worry as much if you have visitors with little children. This modern sofa bed is both elegant and utilitarian, and neither feature will make it seem out of place in your living room.

Product Specification

  • Product material:Imported Velvet Fabric 
  • Product Colour: Dark Green, Dark Brown, Dark Blue

7. KING Oscar Sofa Bed 1600 Compact


The upholstery of the couch is made of a high-quality fabric that provides maximum comfort while avoiding heat accumulation after lengthy use. It is a smooth material that is really pleasant to the touch and adds a touch of refinement to the couch. The replacement covers may be customised with luxurious European leather or high-end cloth. The substantial padding not only feels great, but it also gives excellent support and balance.

Product Specification

  • Product material: Premium Fabric
  • Product Colour: Can Be Customized According to Your Needs

8. MUMU Living Hiro Storage Sofa Bed


This 3-4 seater sofa bed is as near as ideal as it gets, thanks to its attractive design, tufted fabric, and solid construction. This is the greatest option if you want to arrange your living room in an elegant way while still having storage space. This pricey sofa bed boasts a sophisticated, modern style that oozes elegance.

Product Specification

  • Product material:Cotton Linen Fabric, Solid Wood Frame, Plastic Legs
  • Product Colour: Light Grey

9. MF Design DARIA Sofa Bed with Green and Gold Plated Steel Legs


This Daria sofa bed is designed to go with a modern and sophisticated home decor. Green is a very elegant and dramatic colour that will undoubtedly accentuate the natural beauty of your living space. It is made of high-quality fabric to assure your comfort, and it has added touches like a gold-plated steel leg to make it seem more distinctive.

Product Specification

  • Product material:Steel Legs
  • Product Colour: Green

10. Lorenzo Storage Sofa Bed


This sofa, according to its name, fulfils several functions: conventional sofa, sleeping, and storage. Has a deep secret storage compartment behind the cushion for storing your items while keeping your room nice and clean. Designed to fit into a smaller home, such as an apartment or condo.

Product Specification

  • Product material:Imported Fabric
  • Product Colour: Grey

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