Top 10 Chesterfield Sofa Suppliers in Singapore 2024

Top 10 Chesterfield Sofa Suppliers in Singapore 2024

The timeless elegance of Chesterfield sofas has made them a must-have in both residential and commercial spaces. In Singapore, a hub for diverse and luxurious furniture, finding the right supplier for your business can be challenging.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Chesterfield sofa suppliers in 2024, focusing on business-to-business services, to help you source the best for your clients or projects.

1. Tekkashop

red chesterfield sofa

Tekkashop stands out in the Singapore furniture market for its comprehensive range of office and commercial furnishings, including an impressive selection of Chesterfield sofas. Catering specifically to businesses, Tekkashop offers customization services to ensure that each sofa fits your corporate space or client requirements perfectly.

Their dedicated B2B program provides bulk purchase discounts and reliable delivery schedules even internationally, making them a top choice for interior designers and business owners. Furthermore, their customer service is geared towards understanding and meeting the unique needs of businesses, ensuring a satisfactory purchasing experience from start to finish.

2. NottiSofa

edmund chesterfield diamond tuff

NottiSofa has carved a niche for itself in the luxury furniture market, particularly with its exquisite Chesterfield sofa collections. Known for their attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, NottiSofa offers businesses the opportunity to furnish their spaces with premium sofas that do not compromise on comfort or style. Their business clients enjoy tailored services, including design consultations and customization options to meet specific brand standards.

  • Location: Operates online
  • Business Hours: 10 am to 5 pm (Monday to Friday)
  • Contact: +603-7890 3019 or WhatsApp Here

 3. Bless Brothers

brown leather chesterfield sofa in an elegant living room

Bless Brothers is renowned for their unique blend of classic and contemporary furniture styles, making their Chesterfield sofas a popular choice among businesses. Their products are known for their quality craftsmanship and durability, ensuring that businesses invest in furniture that lasts. Bless Brothers offer a range of customization options and professional advice to help businesses select the best pieces for their spaces.

4. Choice Furniture


Choice Furniture is recognized for its wide range of furniture styles, including traditional and modern Chesterfield sofas suitable for business settings. They offer a variety of materials and designs, catering to the diverse preferences of businesses. With their focus on quality, affordability, and customer service, Choice Furniture is a great option for companies looking to balance cost and style.

5. Finn Avenue

dirty yellow chesterfield sofa with sleek solid wood base

Finn Avenue brings a touch of luxury and sophistication to the business furniture market with its range of Chesterfield sofas. Known for their chic and elegant designs, Finn Avenue's sofas are perfect for businesses looking to create a luxurious and inviting atmosphere. They offer personalized service and design consultations to meet the unique needs of each business client.


ezgif-3-99863e72ad specializes in authentic Chesterfield furniture, offering a wide selection of traditional and modern Chesterfield sofas tailored to business needs. Their expertise in Chesterfield designs ensures high-quality, durable, and stylish sofas, making them a go-to source for businesses aiming to infuse classic elegance into their interiors. They provide excellent customer service and customization options to meet the specific demands of their corporate clientele.

  • Location: 26 Seah Street, Basement 188382 Singapore
  • Business Hours: 11 am to 6 pm (Saturday by appointment)
  • Contact: +06-733 2411 or +09-026 7453

7. Locus Habitat

nottisofa a chesterfield sofa

Locus Habitat is renowned for their bespoke furniture and home accessories, including beautifully crafted Chesterfield sofas. They specialize in vintage and industrial styles, offering unique pieces that can add character and sophistication to any business setting. Locus Habitat provides personalized services, ensuring that each piece meets the specific needs and style of their business clients, making them a great choice for those seeking distinctive and high-quality furniture.


Untitled design (89)

BedandBasics offers a variety of home and office furniture, including stylish Chesterfield sofas suitable for different business environments. They focus on providing comfortable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing furniture solutions, with options for customization and bulk purchases tailored to business needs. Their commitment to affordability and customer service makes BedandBasics an excellent option for businesses looking to enhance their interior spaces.

9. Megafurniture

Untitled design (85)

MegaFurniture is known for offering a wide range of affordable and stylish furniture, including Chesterfield sofas. They cater to businesses looking for cost-effective yet chic solutions to furnish their spaces. MegaFurniture provides a variety of designs and customization options to suit different preferences and business needs, making them a popular choice for startups and established businesses alike.

  • Location: Throughout Singapore
  • Business Hours: Depending on the store location

10. FortyTwo

elegant regal purple sofa with chesterfield details

FortyTwo offers a wide range of home and office furniture, including a variety of Chesterfield sofas suitable for business environments. Known for their affordability and stylish designs, FortyTwo caters to businesses seeking cost-effective yet fashionable solutions for their spaces. They provide a diverse array of designs and customization options, making them a popular choice for both startups and established companies.

  • Location: #03-03, Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103
  • Business Hours: 10 am to 6 pm (Monday to Friday)
  • Contact: +65-6777 7667

Selecting the right supplier involves considering various factors such as quality, price, service, and the specific needs of your business. The above suppliers are known for their quality and service, making them some of the best options for sourcing Chesterfield sofas in Singapore in 2024.

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