10 Best L-Shaped Leather Sofa in Malaysia 2022

10 Best L-Shaped Leather Sofa in Malaysia 2022

A L-shaped leather sofa is a fashionable, high-end addition to any living room, and with proper care, these pieces can last for many years. Aside from that, L-shaped leather sofa are a classic marriage of modern elegance and classic rusticity. With their beautiful designs and roomy arrangements, they create an eye-catching focal point in any living area.

We've put together a list of 10 Best L-Shaped Leather Sofa in Malaysia 2022, with quality choices to fit your needs.

1. NOTTI NTSF383 Mandy Home Inspired Style PU Leather Pillow Shaped Cushion Corner L Shape Sofa


This is Mandy home inspired style L shape sofa. It has a pillow-shaped cushion that is really comfortable to sit on; it is enjoyable to spend days on this comfortable sofa. It is made with meranti wood base, high density sofa foam and pu leather cushion.

Product Specification

  • Product material: Meranti Wood Base, High Density Sofa Foam and Pu Leather Cushion
  • Product Colour: Can Be Customized According to Your Needs

2. Cellini Korus L-Shape Leather Sofa with Adjustable Headrest 


It has adjustable headrests for superb head and neck support, deep sitting, and complete leather upholstery, making it the ideal couch for curling up and enjoying elegance and quality. The matt black solid casting legs, exclusive to Cellini, are moulded from molten aluminium and keep this dramatic couch light. This couch, upholstered in real cowhide leather, combines elegance and functionality.

Product Specification

  • Product material: 100% Genuine Cowhide Full Leather, Powder-coated Steel Leg
  • Product Colour: Comes with 10 different colour options

3. Ruma Home Isaac Vintage LeatherRight Sectional Sofa


The Isaac attracts attention with its sleek design, deep comfy seat, and smooth antique leather. This antique leather collection is made entirely of high grain aniline leather. This leather has been treated with oil and wax, giving it an extremely smooth feel. Aside from that, it is made entirely of natural leather with no colouring.

Product Specification

  • Product material:Solid Meranti and Grade A Plywood Frame, Solid Rubberwood Legs, High Resilient Foam, Premium Aniline Leather
  • Product Colour:Butterscotch Vintage, Aged Bark Vintage, Cognac Vintage, Coffee Brown Vintage

4. Lorenzo 5888 L-Shape Leather Sofa


It has a basic elegant design and is upholstered in 100% genuine leather from Italy. This modular couch, designed with move-back seat backs and adjustable armrests, meets your comfort zone when seated and performing whatever activity you prefer in the living room. Attached the removable headrest to your backseat for added comfort and neck support. The long chaise also features a secret, improved design that can be turned into a useful serving tray, making this lounge one of the most adaptable and best options for your home.

Product Specification

  • Product material: Cowhide Leather, Solid Wood Frame, Metal Leg, High Resilience Foam
  • Product Colour: Comes with 3 different Upholstery Types and more than 10 different colour options

5. Rozel L-Shaped Full Leather Power Recliner Sofa


It's never been easier to find the sweet spot for optimal comfort and relaxation. You can recline on this couch for hours and elevate into several comfort positions thanks to its elegant yet plushly padded design and motorised reclining feature. The motion mechanics of the headrest and footrest are also separate, allowing you to easily tailor your comfort.

Product Specification

  • Product material:Cat.Leather
  • Product Colour:White, Brown

6. Nottisofa NTSF915 Modern Malaysian Style 4 Seater PU Leather L Shaped Sofa


This is Malaysian modern style L Shaped Sofa. It features 4 seaters seating. It is made of wood frame, PU leather cushion and high density sofa foam, which is sturdy and comfortable to sit on; it is enjoyable to spend days on this comfortable sofa. 

Product Specification

  • Product material: Wood Frame, High Density Sofa Foam and Pu Leather Cushion
  • Product Colour: Can Be Customized According to Your Needs

7. MUMU Living Arnold Leather 3 Seater Sofa


This modern design couch is built of high-quality materials such as easy-care epu leather, dust mite and bacteria-resistant natural latex foam, and fluffy, soft goose down feather filling. design with beautiful gold design elements, such as a decorative metal golden buckle and a decorative golden strand, to provide a magnificent, modern, and elegant look for the area. In addition, it has a couch footstool for added comfort.

Product Specification

  • Product material: EPU Leather and Polypropylene Cotton, High Density Sofa Foam andNatural Latex Foam, PU Leather, Solid Wood and Fiber Board Frames, Solid Gold Metal Feet
  • Product Colour: Midnight Blue, Sand Brown

8. IKEA VIMLE L-Shape Leather 3-Seater Sofa


The seat cushions of this firm couch are packed with high resilience foam, which provides superb support for your body and rapidly returns to its original form when you get up. GRANN - a soft, smooth, and robust grain leather with natural variations - covers the touch surfaces. BOMSTAD, a coated fabric with a similar look and feel to leather, is used on other surfaces. The components of the couch may be assembled in many ways to create a size and form that is appropriate for you and your space. Under the seat of the chaise longue is storage. The lid automatically pauses in the open position, allowing you to effortlessly select out and replace the items you're keeping.

Product Specification

  • Product material: High Resilience Foam,Plywood Frame, Leather (25% cotton, 75% polyester, 100% polyurethane)
  • Product Colour: Black

9. Rozel Full Leather L-Shaped Sofa


This sofa's grandeur rests in its rich and indulgent proportions, making it an easy basis for modern style. This seating for many is made with leather upholstery to ensure endurance and will last the test of time while complementing the decor of your living area.

Product Specification

  • Product material:S Grade Leather
  • Product Colour:White

10. More Design Buffalo 3 + L-Shaped Leather Sofa


This gorgeous item, upholstered in quality Italian leather with a thickness of 1.4mm, emanates longevity while injecting refined aesthetics with its simple lines. This leather's design lets the natural beauty and texture to come through.

Product Specification

  • Product material:Genuine 1.4 mm Vietti Italian Leather, Chrome Metal Leg
  • Product Colour:Royal Calico, Sienna Brown, Noir Black, Cocoa Mist, Mink Grey, Tuscan Sun

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